Waterside invests

Projects Completed / Opportunities For Partnerships

Whether together or individually, the partners of Waterside Capital Partners have purchased, invested in, operated, turned-around, and divested a variety of businesses. This has created a vast network of referral sources and contacts that allow the team to have visibility with opportunistic transactions often under the market's radar. From time to time, we seek participants to join us in an equity participant role, as well as lenders to finance our senior and sub debt as well as our equity needs.

Waterside, along with strong management partners, are presently working on several transactions, some of which are in the developmental stage and some under LOI. Please contact us directly if any of the following opportunities meet the criteria of a qualified investor:

Chicago, Illinois business district

Chicago's business district towers

The past year has been exciting for Waterside. It has actively served on two boards supporting the acquisitions initiated as new equity partnerships were created. All companies that have acquired are operating above projections. Other transactions are regularly presented to us.

Feel free to contact us to discuss opportunities that we are reviewing now and others yet to be presented.